Friday, July 13, 2012

My parents house, July 4th and Chris coming home!

It's been a while since I've posted anything!

Here's the thing, Chris has been away on a business trip in London since last Sunday and I have been BUSY chasing after these boys and spending time at my parents house. I'm so grateful to have family to help pass the time because we miss Chris!

We had a wonderful week with my parents. The boys love spending time with both my in-laws and my parents and we are so blessed to live only about two hours from each (unfortunately in opposite directions but still... both are only two hours from our new house!)

Arriving at mom-mom and pop-pop's last sunday. I asked the triplets to smile for the camera.
I loved seeing how happy my boys were to explore mom-mom and pop-pops house, their yard and our old toys from when I was a kid, plus some new ones that my parents have collected. They seem to like the old toys just as much! By the way, when did Big Wheel bikes go out of style? Those things were awesome. Colin loves the big wheel bike at my parents (ok, just saw they still sell a few on amazon but when I was a kid I remember EVERYONE having a big wheel bike. If you didn't, you were begging your parents for one). Mine was pink with flower stickers.

I was kidding Chris that I missed him most around 10:30 p.m. He knew exactly why. That's when he usually changes the triplets and gives them just enough of a bottle to ensure that they sleep through the night and sleep in a little. He always offers to be the one do this, says it's no big deal. But it is.

To me it is.

Tonight I'm back in Holland and the boys are asleep. I've got a glass of wine, homemade pizza is just out of the oven, Chris's favorite beer is in the fridge and a new box of popcorn (his favorite late night treat) is waiting on the counter. All I need is Chris home. Shouldn't be long now.

And guess who isn't getting up with the boys tomorrow morning?!? I would.... but I want to let the boys and Chris get some alone time to reconnect, since they haven't seen each other and all. It's probably best that I stay in bed where I'm out of the way. I'm also thinking that when I get up, I should probably just sneak out to a coffee shop for a few hours where I can continue to be out of the way of all the father/ sons bonding that will be going on. Don't you think??

*** Also, I can't wait to post a few pictures from our week at mom-mom and pop-pop's, but I have to download them off my camera first. Too tired tonight... :)

Here's one though from our July 4th at my in-law's lake cabin. 

Everett, Carter, Finley... Colin said he was "too busy" to sit for this picture

What I'll remember most about that day is.... well two things... one, that I got stung by a wasp within two minutes of arriving. (and then proceeded to tear off my shirt and FREAK OUT. I didn't care who was watching. But second and much sweeter is Colin standing/ jumping up and down on the dock wearing his life vest saying, "I'm SO excited!!" to go on their boat. He just could not contain how excited he was! And then when he got to "drive" grandpa's boat.... well let's just say he's still talking about it. (okay that ended up being three things I'll remember most about july 4th).

Happy weekend!

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