Friday, July 6, 2012

Everett's first haircut

Everett was last up in the chair for his haircut. I saved him for last for two reasons.

1. He squirms the most so I thought I better get a little practice in before I use scissors near his head.

2. He has such beautiful long(ish) curls in the back that I wasn't even sure I could go through with giving him a haircut. Although I worried I'd let that get out of control and we'd find ourselves in a Celine Dion situation. Remember that?? She didn't cut her first borns hair until he was almost 8.... his hair was long alright....

Anyway, once I saw the other boys sporting their cute little cuts I thought why not, let's cut Everett's hair too.

At this point, cookies were gone.

Popsicles: gone

One random lollipop: gone. Used by Carter during his haircut (or so I thought there was only one lollipop... you'll see what I mean at the end of this post)

Luckily Chris found frozen cubes of watermelon and Everett was all over it. He was just good as gold.

I'm most proud of his haircut. Even the back turned out (sorta) straight!

Then it was bath time for everyone and a quick picture of the trips with their new dos all gathered in Carter's bed.

Carter, Finley, Everett


wait a minute....

what's that in Everett's mouth???

Someone please tell me how Everett managed to sneak a LOLLIPOP into the crib?? Didn't even notice that until I'd snapped a bunch of pics already. They had just come from their bath! Where did he find a lollipop?!... that little turkey... boy does he keep me on my toes :)

So that's it for the haircuts... although I owe Colin one now. Ever since the trips got their hair cut, Colin has been wanting one now. But his hair is also long and curly and with the humidity it really curls up. And he looks just adorable with all that curly hair!.... so I keep putting it off :)

Since writing these posts I've heard from a bunch of moms who also cut their kiddos hair. I'm amazed as to how many of you are out there. Friends that I had no clue cut their kids or husbands hair- and they are good! My advice, if you are considering cutting your little's hair is to go for it! Buy a pair of scissors made for cutting hair at Walgreen's or somewhere similar, and buy cookies, Popsicles, lollipops (just keep track of them!), frozen watermelon or whatever interests the kiddos to help keep their heads still. I felt with our 15 month olds, that I had about 5 minutes of cooperation before they'd start getting antsy!

Here are the websites that I found most helpful when I was researching where to start on this adventure.

So the first comes from a blog we follow daily for home renovation inspiration and come to find out they are DIY for haircuts too! I saw this post the same week my Dad said, "Hey, do you want my hair cutting kit??" hmmmm.... a sign?? haha :)

Here is one about the importance of getting the angles right.

And one more youtube video that I found helpful.

If you're a DIY haircutting momma, where do you go to get tips on how to cut hair?? When I looked at Carter's bangs the next day it reinforced that clearly I have a lot of room to grow! A little crooked....

What helps your kiddies stay still while getting their haircut? Do they try and confiscate the treat into their bed? :)

Happy weekend!

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