Tuesday, June 19, 2012

With a crinkle of the nose...

Carter and I have a thing going.

We love to give each other Eskimo kisses. He'll toddle over and crinkle his nose and I know exactly what he's asking for.

And I give it to him.

I just love this kid. He's the spitting image of my husband. I don't see any of myself in him, yet I know he came from me. I was there! My husband is kind to everyone, always up for anything, and is able to find joy in the smallest of things. That's how Carter is. Just today as we pulled out of the driveway to go on a walk in the choo-choo wagon, there was Carter clapping excitedly, ready for whatever was to come. That's my Carter. 

Carter, you are also quite the little jokester these days. You love to tease us... I wonder if you'll be into practical jokes as you get older. Whenever we change you, you'll try to squirm away and then look at us and laugh. Or, you'll go over to something you know that you're not supposed to play with, like a case of wipes. You'll open the lid and sort of pretend to pull out a wipe, the whole time making sure I'm watching of course. Then you'll look at me and laugh as if to say, "What are you going to do about this mom?!?" 

You also love to play peek- a- boo. Any where. Any time.

You have a newfound spunk. As I said before, you've always been patient, so patient in fact, that I sometimes worried if this meant that you'd become too agreeable with your brothers. Maybe let your brothers take toys from you or be too passive in other ways (I have all these crazy "how will being a triplet effect _____." fears, which seem to be more my issue than any of yours). Anyway, not a problem! You have developed into quite an assertive little 15 month old! You know what you want and you go after it. This has caused a few squabbles over toys, especially between you and Everett but I'm proud of you. I like seeing this spunky side!

I love your silliness Carter! I love your joy and the kindness you radiate. And I love that by watching you, I can imagine how your Dad might have been at this age.

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