Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

While Chris slept, the boys and I carefully wrapped our gifts for him with big pages ripped out of a trucks and dinosaurs coloring book.
  • Popcorn- butter lover's. (Chris and I are in this routine where almost every night after the boys are asleep, the house is semi-picked up and it's quiet and dark, Chris makes a bag of popcorn and I grab my chips and hummus and we watch 'the killing'. The show is a little scary but we're addicted. We gotta know what happened!)
  • Chocolates. The Miller's love their chocolate, what can I say?
  • A magazine about outdoor spaces and renovating them. Because we were going to bring him coffee in bed and thought he should have something to read while sipping it.
Colin was sure Chris was just going to LOVE these gifts. He couldn't wait until it was finally time to wake him so that he could open them.

Presentation of the gifts. Everett has already stolen the magazine.

And he did, he loved them. Mostly because of the scribble marks all over the wrapping paper, which Colin explained read, "To my friend Daddy."

The trips also participated in coloring but were mostly interested in eating the crayons and/ or coloring on the walls and/or throwing them everywhere.

Every day I'm thankful that I have Chris beside me parenting these boys. That my boys have him as their model for how to be men of integrity in this world.

I also have a wonderful father. He knows how I feel about him.

Lot's of thankfulness flying around today.

And half eaten crayons.

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