Thursday, June 21, 2012

First Family Bike Ride!

Ahhhh, what a great evening! 

So on Father's Day, I wrote in Chris's card that I thought we should buy second bike trailer as part of his gift (you know, in addition to the chocolate and popcorn) so that we could bring all of the boys on family bike rides. We have one bike trailer already, which was given to us by Chris's parents. It was a great gift but while living in the city we never used it. I'm sure we could have, we just felt too nervous with all the traffic. So it stayed in it's box until now. 

Chris and Colin went out on that very day and got it and today we hit the open road bike trails for a family ride. 

Started here:

Finn's fired up with his new helmet!

Ended here:

With a little stop in between to check out a deer along the path. 

Colin was mesmerized. We don't see deer in the city! 

Colin said, "Do you think that Santa lost one of his raindeer?" 


Summer evenings, time with my guys, and new adventures in a town with oodles of bike paths to explore.

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