Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our week

I feel like we're starting to finally get in the swing of things here. We know where the grocery stores are, which farmer's markets are on which days of the week and where. The boys are back to sleeping well and Colin seems happy and excited about life in Holland.

This past week, I took Colin and Carter to story time at the farmer's market. It was outdoors and really wonderful. After story time some guy from a nature center gave a presentation all about animals and brought turtles and a rabbit. Colin was fascinated.

Throughout story time and the animal presentation, Carter kept doing 'trust falls', if you will. If you've ever been to a team building event or ever watch tosh.0 then you know what a trust fall is. Carter will literally just suddenly turn around and then drop backwards, trusting that you'll catch him. He's such a goofball that kid.

Trust Fall!
Other highlights of the week:

Momentarily loosing Everett and then finding him in the pantry. The door was left open because I was cleaning it out. Don't think I haven't thought of climbing in the pantry for a break myself. Unfortunately I don't fit.

Here I am!
On Thursday, Colin and I biked to a local blueberry farm, which also had this cool tractor out front.

We liked it so much that we brought everyone back for ice cream another night!

The playset got finished!

Wahoo! It's been such a blessing to have another outdoor space for the kids to play on and swing.

Tonight, I made pizza in the kitchen while watching Chris and the boys play on it. 

When dinner was ready, I actually had to lean towards the window screen and yell, "Come in! Dinner's ready!" and then I sort of giggled to myself because I remember playing house as a little girl and pretending this same scenario, only I'd never really done it in real life. Never had a backyard to call my family in from. It all felt very domestic. :)

But for sure, the highlight of the week was when I came home from exercising Thursday morning and saw the boys in the front window.

Two were already there waiting. They must have seen me pull into the driveway. As I got closer I could see the other two scrambling to get up on the couch as fast as they could. They were all jumping up and down, waving, screaming, laughing, and slapping their fat little hands against the window pane.

I think they were excited to see me :)

Doesn't get any better than that.

Happy weekend!

Oh- and then as I was typing this, I noticed a rainbow outside. So I went out to look and low and behold it was a full rainbow, right over our neighborhood! I've never seen one like this before and it was really pretty cool.

All I could think about though was, "Double Rainbow!" Have you seen that on youtube? hahahaha.

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Karen said...

It makes me so happy to read posts like this. You are living the life :) A tad jealous of the backyard, but mostly just happy that you and the boys get to enjoy all that space!