Sunday, April 29, 2012

Off to work!

Last Thursday was take your child to work day and Chris's company really makes it fun for the kids (and parents)! Colin was SO excited about going to work with Daddy. And I couldn't stand the cuteness watching the two of them head off to catch the train for work.

Wow, check out Carter's face! Somebody's mad they couldn't go too.

 Maybe next year Carter!

 Colin wore a button down shirt, "Just like Daddy", carried his computer, "Just like Daddy" and wore a backpack "Just like Daddy". Colin is still talking about how they rode the train, then took an elevator "up up UP!!" to a floor so high that you could see lots of "buildings, cars and a lake".

Colin had so much fun that he didn't want to leave when it was time for me to pick him up. He held onto Chris and cried begging to stay longer. Apparently Daddy's work is way more exciting than my Mommy work at home.....

I mean really, what could be more exciting than watching me make sandwiches and change diapers all day??

I love that Chris's company supports this day and encourages parents to bring their children. It truly made Colin's week and I also won't soon forget watching the two of them walk off to catch the train together.

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