Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Colin is tired and Madeline has a new shop!

4:30 p.m.

Cousin "Mimi" had just left after another great two day whirlwind visit and apparently Colin was tired.

Because I was talking with him while feeding the babies, looked over and he was fast asleep, sprawled out on the floor surrounded by toys. I think he literally just passed out mid play.

This should ensure that he'll never fall asleep tonight ;-)


In other news, my sister in law Madeline (also known as "mimi's mommy") finally has an Etsy shop! I'm really happy for her but also for everybody else because until now, her stuff hasn't been available to everyone. She's way talented and up until now has been quietly, creatively painting and refurbishing vintage pieces out of her home for people lucky enough to hear about her work. I'm so excited that her creations are now on Etsy and I'm also so excited for the incredible response she's gotten already! Her pieces are one of a kind and shipping is surprisingly easy and reasonable, just ask her about it!

These are my current favorites from her shop:

Wanna see the rest of her items? Check them out here!

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