Saturday, April 21, 2012

How fast a year goes by....

Today we celebrated the triplet's first birthday with our family and a few friends. (Their b-day is March 29th but for a variety of reasons their "official" party was postponed until today). I'll be posting pictures from the party over the next few days and then we are DONE with birthdays in our house for almost a year! As I've said before, all my guys- Colin, Chris and the Triplets all have March birthdays. It's been fun but I can't lie, I'm kind of excited to have a break from planning, organizing and executing birthdays.

So at Colin's first birthday I made a slideshow of pictures from his first year and we showed it at his party. For the trips b-day, I felt I should do the same. And I really wanted to... it's just that I didn't get a chance to even start it until Tuesday night. But, somehow it got done and I thought I'd share it here, too.


Thanks for being a part of this journey over the past year!

(I just want to add that Amy Sayre, an amazingly talented chicago photographer, shot some of the pictures in this slideshow. I especially treasure the ones she captured of our newborns just after we brought them home from the nicu. Check her work out here!)


Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday, sweet boys, and congratulations to the whole family! I teared up watching this and love that we've gotten to know these curious, smart, loved little guys. What an incredible year!

Mama to four little blessings! said...

Thanks Kathleen! I can't imagine how we would have made it through this year without our "village of supporters" and you and jack were a big part of that. Thanks for always cheering us on, bringing coffee, holding babies, and so much more.

Amy said...

Thank you for the kind words. A year does go by so fast. I feel so honored that you let me in to capture the beginning of it.