Thursday, April 19, 2012

"One more and you could have a basketball team!"

Oh if I had a dime for every time I've heard that one....

Can you guess the feet?
But today, while we were at the shoe store, it sort of felt like I was corralling my own little basketball team, trying to get them to focus on shoes!

My mom (who is feeling much better since this post), Amelie, Colin and I took the babies to get their first pair of shoes! We ended up getting them at Piggy Toes because I read that they were old school, measure their feet and recommend shoes. For their first pair, I really wanted a good, solid pair of shoes that I knew would fit their feet well.... maybe last the summer?? Dare I hope?

The nice man at the store (Michael for any of our city friends) took such good care of us! He immediately honed in on one sneaker that would be a good fit for what we were looking for.... and came in three different colors.

Colin also picked these out for himself, all by himself.

He used to be into the color blue, but apparently red is the new favorite for summer.

Once the shoes were on the trips feet, we lined them up, snapped some pictures and alternated between screeching, "Ahhhh, how cute!" and boo hooing, "Can you believe they're such big boys now?!"

Close enough! 

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