Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday

to you and you and you.

Carter, Finley and Everett with their, "We just woke up and you hurriedly dressed us alike, combed our hair and then paraded us into a room of balloons and cameras. What on earth is going on here today?" looks.

Well, let me tell you, once they finagled the balloons down to their level, they seemed to wake up.

We ordered cupcakes again and sang "Happy Big Brother Day" to Colin and then "Happy Birthday" to the babies. Admittedly I may be a bit over worried about how Colin feels being the big brother to three..... I'm certain that he would have been fine had we only sung to the babies but seriously, this kid should get some recognition for what an incredible big brother he is. It's not always easy but he rolls with the punches and rises to the occasion over and over. In preparation for the babies birthday we also talked a lot about this milestone for him. The day he became a big brother. He was thrilled that his "big brother" duties at the party would include helping to blow out candles and open presents, because the babies are too little for that. I was also so touched that people included little gifts for him too. Let's just say he made out pretty well on his brothers birthday :-)

Cousin Macy. All girl but can hang with my boys no problem! Also, this girl has killer dance moves. Gets them from her aunt, I'm convinced. 

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