Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Family Fun Day and Celebrating the Trips Birthday, Part 1

We deemed last Saturday, 'Family Fun Day' because quite frankly we all needed a fun day! Chris had been out of town and it was a rough week without him home. We all missed him, especially Colin.

The truth is that often on the weekends, Chris and I both have lists in our heads of things we want to get done- clean up the house, catch up on laundry, hit up a yoga class, repair something in the house, grocery shop etc etc. However, this saturday we made a decision to prioritize each other over anything else, all day. The house stayed messy, the laundry remained piled high and the new door Chris has been working hard on had to wait another day before receiving it's final coat of paint. 

First thing in the morning, Chris and Colin hit up home depot (possibly their favorite place on earth) for a workshop and easter egg hunt. I can't imagine anything more fun for the two of them, than a hunt inside the walls of home depot. God to they love that place.

Then we all went to Purple Monkey Playroom, our favorite local play area. The best part was that it was a beautiful, warm day outside, so hardly anyone was there! We practically had the place to ourselves. While we also love going to the parks, especially on a warm spring day, it's just not realistic for us. It's much more of a positive experience to go somewhere baby proofed, where we can let the boys free to do their thing, knowing that they are safe (I mean, we do watch them! We are not just kickin' back with lattes while they play, but it's safer than at the park). Thanks Purple Monkey! We also had a picnic there which felt special.

Starting to explore... Everett, Carter, Colin and Finn

Carter loved the slide!
Later on, after naps, we finally gave the boys cupcakes and sang "Happy Birthday." Our official family party is going to be April 21st but we wanted to do something before then. And Family Fun Day + cupcakes turned out to be the perfect thing. 

Here are some pictures:

"What are we doing? Where is our food? Why are we all wearing the same shirts?"

Thank God Colin was willing to test the cupcakes, prior to giving any to his brothers.

Singing "Happy Birthday". I especially love the look on Everett's face in this picture.

"Hmmm... what is this interesting, colorful thing on my plate?"

"Ohhh, it tastes good guys! Much better than peas."

 "How am I supposed to eat this?"

"Never mind, I figured it out!"

One of the perks of being a triplet... extra cupcake!

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