Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring has arrived in Chicago!

I'm not sure if this beautiful weather will last but we are soaking it up here in Chicago!

Yesterday we took the boys for a picnic at Colin's favorite park.

"The digging park" as he calls it. 
(because of the enormous sandbox he spends most of his time digging in)

It felt SO good to be outside!!!

The cutest thing ever was that when Colin saw me grab my camera before we left, he ran to get his. Then he yelled to us, "Wait! I need to get my camera bag!"

His camera bag :-)

Everett, double fisted with a few of the dreaded packets of baby food (you'll see why)

Not too long after I took the above pic, and almost in sync, two babies and Colin sat on three baby food squeeze packets, which then got spinach/ peas/ pear all over the place. It was on clothes, inside shoes (not sure how but it was!), hands, hair, and quickly smeared around the blanket..... 

Then I realized that I forgot wipes.
 Who leaves the house with three kids in diapers without wipes?!? Me apparently.

Amelie helped keep things in perspective as I was trying to clean up mounds of greenish goop with whatever I could find and looking probably like a woman close to loosing her marbles. As she was trying to prevent the babies from crawling through it, she said,

"It could be worse. This could be a poop disaster."

Yup, that would be worse. 

We laughed and moved on to the sandbox.

Since the babies seem hell-bent on putting any handful of dirt, sand, twigs, or rocks they could find in their mouths, we decided that we'd keep them in the choo choo wagon and take turns.... One of us would play with Colin in the sandbox while the other pulled the trips around the perimeter of the park. 

The babies seemed pretty happy with this plan actually. They seemed to enjoy watching all the kiddos doing their thing at the park while feeling the warm breeze in their hair.

We eventually all met up at the swings where everyone got a turn and Colin was a stellar pusher.

Then we went home.
 I still have a pile of clothes and one picnic blanket all covered with greenish brown baby food mixed with dirt and twigs, waiting to be washed.

 I'm just not dealing with it yet. :-)

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