Sunday, March 11, 2012

Oh what a weekend!

My sister in law Katie got married this past weekend. It was so lovely! We were honored to be a part of their wedding and thrilled to spend time with extended family, who we don't often get to see.

This was the first big event we've travelled to and participated in as a family and let's just say.... 

Managing these monkeys away from our "normal" routine was not so easy! (When I say "these monkeys" I mean the kids, not Chris haha) 

 Luckily, my dear friend Laurie was brave enough to spend the weekend with us and watch the boys whenever we had other duties. My boys just love her and I'm so thankful to have a friend willing to help us out like that!

Carter, Colin
Chris and Finley
Chris, Colin and I were all in the wedding. Colin and his cousin Gabe were ring bearers and looked just handsome as can be. 

Grrrrr.... caught someone else's flash.... but still love this one :-)
Before the ceremony, Colin grabbed hold of the ring bearer's pillow and positioned it right under his arm, like a football! He took my hand and down the aisle to meet Chris we walked. I couldn't help but think back just over five years ago and how I took that same walk, down the same isle in the same church, to meet my groom.... and now we have four little boys. Five years, four boys. CRAZY! 

Crazy wonderful. 


Everett, making rounds
I wish I had some pictures of the bride and groom to share. Katie looked just gorgeous and soooo happy. But at the reception, my arms were either filled with babies, or I was chasing crawling babies around the ballroom so the camera bag ended up staying in the stroller. But trust me, it was a beautiful day! 

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Bells said...

looks like a gorgeous place! and what a beautiful 'little' family you are hehe!