Tuesday, March 6, 2012

From three hours old....

To three years old,

 in what feels like a blink. 

He's only been three for two whole days but I swear he's acting differently. His vocabulary has seemed to expanded ten fold over the last few days. He's using words and phrases that I didn't even know he knew! With this recent language leap, his personality is shining through even more which of course, we love see. 

Just this morning at breakfast he announced that he wouldn't be using his booster seat anymore. When I told him he had to, he was adamant, "No mom! I'm three now!!" How could I argue with that?

On Saturday our families gathered for a choo- choo train birthday party in our home. It was simple but really lovely. Our families made him feel so special. Colin was literally beaming the whole time. 

Colin, here are a few things that I'll remember most from your birthday this year:

Staying up well past midnight the night before, exhausted but wanting to get food ready, straighten up and hang decorations just right..... I wanted everything just perfect for you (and yes, I know I'm silly for wanting it perfect because really, you don't care, but I did this year).

Your face when I carried you downstairs in the morning, to see the living room all decorated. Your eyes lit up and you said, "Wow! This is where my party is?!" Staying up until past midnight? Instantly worth it at that moment.

That Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop could make it. As many of you know, my Dad has been in and out of the hospital lately and we weren't sure if he'd be able to come. When they said they weren't missing your party, they sure meant it!

The choo- choo train birthday cake that cost us a small fortune. Long story.... but we got the cake and I have to say, it was delicious (which it better have been!)!!

How Uncle "G", despite not being able to make your party (due to his being in Disneyland!) sent you video birthday messages personally said to you by Disney characters all day. It was so thoughtful and made you feel extra special!

How genuinely excited you were to be surrounded by your "friends". You kept saying, "My friends are here!" and then, "more friends are here!" every time the door bell would ring. I love that you see your grandparents aunts and uncles, brothers, cousins, nanny and two of our dear friends as your "friends". The truth is that as excited as you were about the gifts, you were just as excited, if not more, by the people in the room. You have the right idea little man and I pray that this perspective always stays with you. 

Life is about relationships, not stuff.

That said, you got some pretty cool "stuff"!

You loved this fireman hat so much that you insisted on wearing to blow out your candles... with the siren on. (Yup, there's a loud siren attached to this hat and activated by a simple touch of a button!) Who's the brianiac that got him this gift??? ME. I've been listening to it ever since :-)

You got a water gun that is almost as big as you, a memory game, a special leap frog reading system, a 5 foot rocket ship that you to build, color and play in. You got adorable clothes, money toward college and many other special gifts. 


Just this morning, you and I sat on the sofa and paged through your baby book. We talked about the day you were born which you were only half listening too but I couldn't help myself from telling the story (minus the scary parts!!). You like to point at the pictures and say, "Look, baby Colin!" 

The day you were born changed us forever. You made us parents, and you made me a mommy, something I'd always dreamt of becoming. Our lives became infinitely richer.

Happy birthday sweet boy.


A few more pics.... because I can't help myself....

Daddy arriving with the balloons!

Waiting for "friends" to arrive. March 3rd also happens to be my brother Kyle's birthday! I'm sure a choo-choo train birthday party was just what he was hoping for that day!

Aunt Katie with Finley and Everett.

Aunt Madeline with all five kids! hahahaha. Not sure how she got stuck with ALL of them during this time period. 

Colin and "Mimi"
Cousins :-)

Chris and Colin. 
Reminds me of this picture:

 At your first birthday. Taken in the same spot, no chair.

And cutting this cake together:

Takes me back to when we ate your first birthday cake together: 

What a day, what a year! 

Stop growing so fast, would you??

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