Thursday, February 9, 2012

Your own DJ booth

Carter, you are cracking me up lately.

You just can't get enough of this second hand, pieces missing, u- shaped activity center.

You love it! Each morning it's the first thing you look for and crawl over too. Carefully you pull yourself up and start jammin' 

You bounce and dance, make wild noises and press all the buttons. 

Amelie and I call it your DJ booth.

This morning you were acting all fussy and making eyes at me as if you say, "I am NOT happy!"

I couldn't figure out why, it was so unlike you. Then I saw that your DJ booth was stuck behind bumbo seats and toys. 

You couldn't get at it.  

As soon as I moved it you scurried over, pulled yourself up and started doing your thing. And you were back to my happy go lucky guy.

Spinning elmo tunes and dancing to the music. 

Mr. blue eyes, we sometimes call you
You got your eyes from your Daddy...  the only one of our children to inherit his blue eyes.

I love you to pieces, little man

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