Tuesday, February 7, 2012

9 months, what's working?

***Once again, I'm late publishing this as the boys are actually 10 months now :) I wrote it a while back, just forgot to put it on the blog. How does this happen every month?!


Everett. I wish I'd gotten his whole head in this picture as I think it's so sweet of him. He's riding on a giraffe rocker that the boys just LOVE.

I won't make this post as long as the '8 months, How are things going?' post ended up being! Some of how it's going is the same. The babies still go to bed at 6 p.m., take a bottle at 10 p.m. and wake up around 6-6:30. We still keep a swing outside their bedroom door and whoever is having a hard time ends up there. Lately they seem to be looking much bigger in the swing.... I hope they don't outgrow it soon though, it's gold to us for those middle of the night- I need him to settle and not wake up everybody else- moments!

They eat baby food twice a day and also LOVE, and I mean LOVE puffs and cheerios. This is my go to activity if they are having a hard time, or if I need to do something for myself like maybe eat my lunch. I lay out a baby blanket, sprinkle a bunch of puffs on there and they come crawling over happy as can be. The OT in me loves that it's working on their fine motor skills too :)

They are playing with each other more and more with each passing month. They're not yet engaged in high level play of course, but peek a boo, looking at each other and laughing, and just sharing attention with each other is a daily occurrence. I especially love watching this aspect of their development unfold.

Lastly, this tunnel has provided hours upon hours of fun for them. I think its a great thing to get for any kiddos around this age. They crawl through it, play peek a boo, and just have such a ball. I like it because when your child is crawling through and you peek in, it provides such an opportunity for rich engagement/ eye contact. Again, we don't get out all that much, especially now in the winter, so we need  simple activities to keep things novel and exciting!

Hey there Finn!
This tunnel by the way is from IKEA, same as this one just different color
I also started keeping the toys in a laundry basket. Does anyone else do this?? It's not very aesthetic but we are beyond worrying about what matches our home decor these days! It's just easy- for them to see and choose what they want, and for us to clean up toys at the end of the day.

"Hmm, what can we get into??"
Everett sees something he likes. He's going' for it!

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