Friday, February 10, 2012

Something to celebrate

I'm leaving the dishes in the sink, the laundry in the basket and the toys scattered around me while I prop up my feet and write down my joy for however long the boys let me. They're all napping right now. I could have 10 more minutes, or, dare I hope for longer!

The boys attended their first music class together today. I was both nervous and excited! Mostly excited though because we were getting out of the house to do something that hopefully the boys would enjoy. This might not sound like any ole' big deal but it's a big step for us. No matter how it went, it was sure to be more exciting then another morning spent in our basement.

I personally find that one of the hardest aspects of parenting four kids under three, especially in the winter, is that it's hard to find a place that can accommodate all of us, is age appropriate for 10 month olds and an almost three year old and can safely contain them. 

Bucktown Music is a wonderful place in our neighborhood that offers Kindermusic classes (amongst other things). Colin first started taking class there when he was only 6 months old. Through everything that's happened since then, Kindermusic has remained the one consistent class for him. It's his turf and I wasn't sure how he'd feel about the babies encroaching on this space. Thankfully, he was excited. He was ON FIRE the whole class! Dancing and singing louder than ever and showing the babies how to do everything. In fact, he sang the whole stroller ride there too. He said he was "practicing". Ahhh, I love this age.

Colin, Carter, Finley, Everett when we first arrived. The bubble above their heads would probably read, "Wait a minute, this isn't our basement?! Where are we?"
I loved and I mean LOVED, seeing the boys do something together. 

Each of the babies acted EXACTLY how I thought they would. 

Everett was instantly trying to break into the cabinet and other mom's purses. 

Carter sat attentively. Listening, watching, and you could just tell, trying to learn it all.

Finn could be seen cuddling up to a random mother who was wearing a cozy sweater.(As a side note Finn, it sort of breaks my heart to think you will cuddle with almost anyone... I thought WE had at thing going?!?!)

 Afterward, not even the impressive tantrum from a certain someone riding on the back of the stroller, because Mommy forgot his drink, could diminish my joy.  

We all got out of the house and nobody screamed, pooped, tantrumed or got injured during class. 

THAT feels like something to celebrate today.

Have a great weekend!


Jennifer G. said...

love the stroller I have been looking for 1 for my little ones. how do you like it?

Mom to four little blessings within two years! said...

I really like it! We are the third family to use this stroller and it's still in great condition. Folds up easily, fits in the back of our car and I like that it can fit through doors. It's a valco- I think I have the link on the 'From the Trenches' page. Before the triplets, I knew absolutely nothing about the valco stroller system but I'm glad we found it. Thanks for commenting! :-)

Mama to 2 surviving Triplets said...

I have been checking craigslist for months! i am currently stalking one on ebay! LOL I have to get my hands on one :-) Thanks for letting me know how you like it.