Sunday, February 19, 2012

This is how we roll

On Saturday, we took the boys to the Purple Monkey Playroom, a new local play area. 

For the first time, we took what Colin has dubbed "the train". 

Eeekkk, I couldn't stand the cuteness! (and therefore took a million pictures as you can see!)

I got such a kick out of watching this train navigate the Chicago city streets.

"Everett, will you push me?" 


We had fun playing but the real excitement seemed to be the transportation there and back!

Nobody was more thrilled that we were finally using the train than Colin. He was all smiles and kept yelling things like, "All aboard the choo choo train!" 

With every positive experience we have going out and about, it gives me hope for future excursions. I look so forward to this spring and summer, taking the train around town!

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Casey and Karen said...

So cute! I've seen a set of triplets in our neighborhood in their train--pure Adorableness.