Wednesday, February 22, 2012

All the laundry is neatly folded and piled in the basket....

Until I turn my head for TWO SECONDS!

Oh Everett, you get me every time! My little curious George....

Luckily Finn trapped you before you could get into any more laundry trouble!

 (Actually you were not very happy about this but it was so cute I had to take a pic before letting you free)

The first pic would've happened whether or not I have multiples... I just shouldn't have turned my head in that moment. But the second picture speaks to life with multiples. You just never know what they'll do next and how there ideas will impact each other. 

They never cease to surprise me or make me laugh!

(*** in full disclosure, I was not the one to fold the laundry. Our wonderful nanny Amelie did that. If it were me, the clean clothes would be haphazardly thrown in the laundry basket where they'd probably stay until needed! Hey, we all have our strengths. Folding laundry... not one of mine.)

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