Monday, February 6, 2012


We are back home in Chicago. Chris drove back to Michigan Friday night to pick us up.

My Dad is also home. He was finally discharged late Friday night and is so happy to be home resting and getting uninterrupted sleep in his bed. He's got a road of healing ahead of him but he's well on his way. We are so grateful for the care he received while in the hospital. Our prayers were answered in that respect. 

We had a lovely week in Michigan. My parent's friends and neighbors would come over whenever they had some free time to play with the boys and I was so grateful for this. Often they'd bring coffee and food in tow too! There is such kindness in that neighborhood and they really take care of each other. One night while my mom was up at the hospital all the kids were crying and or/ fussy and/or getting into things they shouldn't be and basically making me batty. Just when I thought I was going to loose my mind, a neighbor texted to say they had a free hour and could I use some help? My response?

"Yes please!!! and RUN!"

Throughout the week, Colin loved going up to the hospital to visit his Pop-Pop. He saw it as a great adventure.

I was also glad we were still in Michigan when he came home so Colin could see that. 

See, there he is on the right side of the picture! My mom is on the left.
This past weekend was also my birthday. My mom completely surprised me with a pudding cake (my favorite!) on Friday night. I don't know how she found the time to make it with everything going on.

Although apparently she did have help :)`

Make a wish!

Gavin, Lauren, Colin, Chris, Me, Finn- who was supposed to have been in bed like his brothers :), Kyle, Madeline and Macy.
Mid pictures, Colin decided to show Macy how he can lift weights. 
Back in Chicago, we went out Saturday night with my brother Kyle, his wife Madeline, brother Gavin and his girlfriend Lauren and my best friend Laurie and her husband Brian (not in the above pictures because they met us at the bar :(. 

We had appetizers at our favorite neighborhood bar, dinner at Owen and Engine and there was lots of wine flowing. 

It was really truly the most perfect night out. Now that Kyle and Madeline live downstate, not to mention we have kids, we don't all get to go out like this very often. I loved every minute of being out with this crew.

This year, in addition to feeling a little bit old, I feel unbelievably blessed. 

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