Wednesday, February 1, 2012

10 months!

The babies turned 10 months on Sunday. With everything going on, I almost forgot. I had no clue what the date was. Chris remembered though, which I must say, I was impressed by!

I quickly got out my camera and tried to take a few pictures but it's so hard to photograph them lately! They are on the move and often in all different directions. Getting them to all sit still, look at the camera and smile feels next to impossible.

We were at least able to get them to the same area of the room by bribing them with Cheerios. It's my go to activity when things get hairy.

YUM! These guys can't get enough Puffs and Cheerios lately.

It was super snowy and beautiful out on Sunday and the boys loved pulling themselves up to look out the window.

Remember at 5 months when we took these pictures? Same chair but with smaller, less mobile little men back then.

As soon as I took the group picture, Everett and Carter were on to the next thing, but Finn stayed back to work it for the camera!

 Thanks Finn!

The boys love being at my parents house. Colin especially loves their piano. It's the one I grew up playing and so it's fun for me to see him interested too. 

While Chris went back to Chicago, the boys and I ended up staying in Michigan. My Dad is still in the hospital but he's getting stronger everyday. We are happy to be able to be here.  

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Bells said...

gorgeous photo of the little feet nowhere near the paino pedals! lovely photos of the triplets too, they are just scrummy :-) x