Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy busy busy....

That best describes our weekend!

Friday was a long day. First thing in the morning I decided to give the babies a bath because, well, they needed one desperately! And because they LOVE getting a bath. So at 7 a.m., by myself- well, expect for Colin's "help" I gave them a bath. It was fine until I realized that the bath chairs were broken. Two of the chairs won't even clip together and in turn, the babies can wiggle out of them- not safe! I swear, as rarely as we actually use these bath chairs, I can't see how they'd break so easily. I'm so annoyed that they're basically useless now and yet the time and energy it would take to try and return them also feels daunting.

So bath time consisted mostly of me trying to hold the babies in the seats while washing them and reminding my helper that it isn't a good idea to pour the water directly on their heads. Getting the babies out of the tub, dry and dressed was no picnic either. Why do I get myself into these situations?? I should've waited one more day so that Chris would be home to help!

Colin had a rough day in terms of listening and sharing, then Carter spiked a fever so I put him in the Ergo carrier on my back. Just when I was thinking, "How brilliant, I can just carry my sick baby close to me but still have free hands to care for the other kids. This will be fine!" he puked all over the back of me. Seriously, I was picking banana chunks out of my hair the rest of the day (no time to shower of course!).

My husband had plans to go out with his college friends that night which was fine- except that this happened to be one of those, "oh my God will they ever settle and go to bed?!" nights. They finally did and I quickly treated myself by ordering pizza, opening a bottle of wine and propping my feet up on the couch for mindless t.v.

Saturday flowed much smoother! We got out the choo choo wagon and headed back to the Purple Monkey Playroom. This may very well become a Saturday tradition for us! It's just so wonderful to have an easy, close to home, family activity that we can do together. Plus, this play space is set up beautifully. It's bright, very open and super clean.

Sunday we dropped the kids at my in-laws and headed up the west coast of Michigan for some exploring. It was freezing but really lovely. We also ended up bringing Everett with us. I wasn't sure if he'd somehow be thrown off by not having his brothers around for a whole day. Rest assured he was fine and seemed to love the one on one attention from mom and dad! It felt great to have time with him alone and we continue to try and make that happen for each child when time allows. We also laughed about how odd it felt caring for only one child. The days when we toted around one child seem so long ago.

So that was our long weekend. Friday was hard, Saturday was lovely and Sunday was a fun adventure. All in all, not so bad!

Here are a few pictures from last Thursday. My boys are constantly reminding me that the best toys are so often not technically toys at all. This blue storage bin was the hit of the week! Colin would take "tickets" from the babies and then give them each rides around the kitchen while they laughed and laughed. Especially Carter! He couldn't get enough! It's still rare to find an activity that all the boys can truly enjoy together but I realized that I need to think more simply about this. Blue bin = toy everyone could enjoy together for hours! Who knew??

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