Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We're 11 months today!!!

Carter is thrilled about it, Finn isn't sure yet, and Everett just wants to crawl off and get into something.

Never the less, they are wearing their party pants!!! Thanks Aunt Madeline!

My sister in law made these along with the pillows you see in some of the pictures. I'm so genuinely  impressed by people who can sew, paint, and do other crafty things like that because it is not a talent of mine for sure! 

Fancy pants!

Looking good Carter!


The weather was beautiful in Chicago today and so we opened the sidling glass door and felt the (kinda) warm breeze flow through the screen door. It kept blowing the curtains open and Everett kept playing peek a boo with them while laughing hysterically.

 I see you!

"I'm going to throw this pillow!"

And he did. Luckily it missed the camera.

 Even amongst the daily quips of "That guy grabbed my train track (or car, tools, snack... you name it)!" and yes, the occasional pushing and shoving, there are such tender moments shared between brothers. I need to remember these moments especially during what seem like long days of brother drama!

Like when Colin suddenly walked over to Carter and softly said, "I help you."

And he did.

 Or later when he put his arm around Carter, leaned in and said something sweet.

Or this moment.

Possibly the most exciting part of the day was when I waved to Finn across the room and to my surprise he lifted his arm and clearly, purposefully, joyfully waved back! It was so exciting and heart melting! I snapped the above picture just after his arm came down.

Oh, you little guys are growing so fast....

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Amy said...

Your photos are really beautiful Jess. And your boys are really adorable. I can't even take the pants. Kudos to Madeline's sewing skills.