Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We SO needed this!

It's been a slightly more challenging week than normal (more on why in tomorrow's post). But the highlight of our week so far was today, when Amelie and I took the boys to the park. It has been FOREVER since we've all gotten out of the house, because well, it's winter here in Chicago, and that's not always conducive to getting four little ones out the door to play in the city! But today felt more like a spring day. Getting some fresh air, some vitamin D and watching the boys experience the park was just such so much fun. 

Finley, Everett, Carter, Colin

fyi, amelie is just out of frame but near the boys... I did not just push all my kids and then leave them alone to try and get a picture!

I had a surreal moment while pushing the boys on the swings..... this happens from time to time.

I looked at them all- taking up most of the swings and thought, "Those are all my sons... huh....I have four sons... I have four sons...." 

When will this reality fully kick in??? Perhaps it hits me in this way from time to time simply because three of them arrived all at once. We went from one to four kids, in what felt like a blink. Last year at this time, they were still in my belly and so day to day life, including frequent trips to the park involved me and my one child (and my gigantic belly of course). Such a different experience.

I was SO incredibly thankful for our time together at the park today. I can't tell you how much we needed to get out of the house and deviate from our typical winter routine. The boys had SO MUCH FUN. All of them. I could see it in their faces and hear it in their laughs.

Just after these pictures were taken, Colin yelled to me from his swing, "Mommy, me sooo happy." 

Me too little man.

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