Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Lately I've been pretty convinced that there's not much funnier/ cuter than a two and a half year old figuring out the ways of the world.

Colin, you crack me up on a daily basis (and turn my hair slightly grayer, if that's even possible).

Like when you nonchalantly work a new word or phrase into conversations.

Like the other day, when I asked if you wanted help carrying your toys upstairs and you said, "Sure, sure." 

It's such a normal thing to say, but I'd never heard you say that before and it sounded so grown up coming from my little man. 

Or the other night when Chris and I were chatting about our day and you shook your head and said, "You guys are so funny"

And your current most favorite response, "Oh. I did not know that."

Lately you are into reading, to us. You like to hold the books and pretend to tell fantastical stories. 

Tonight, you were playing in the basement while I finished making dinner. We have a vent that we like to talk to each other through and tonight when I crouched down and asked, "What are you doing down there?" You replied,

"I'm making a BIG mess."

And boy was that the truth. There was a large bottle of Powerade spilled all over the couch. Everything was soaked. 

"We gotta clean this up" I said, trying not to sound too frustrated.

"Me help too Mommy!"

And you ran to get... of course....

Your leaf blower, which apparently, magically turns into a wet vac too.

I did not know that.

Thanks little man, for making us laugh every single day and keeping us on our toes.


Bells said...

what a little cutie. i love Oliver being a baby and don't want to wish his babyhood away but i cannot WAIT for him to get to this stage!!

maryisblogging said...

Isn't it just amazing to watch and listen to the new things kids pick up? Allyson (age 3 at the time) picked up the word "awkward" this past spring but she did not learn the correct context of using it. So when we were at Disney World we would get off a ride and with a big excited smile on her face she'd loudly say, "That was so awkward!!" I thought it was the funniest thing yet.

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

Mary, I was laughing so hard when I read your comment... too funny!! Are you going to the wedding in March? It would be so fun to see you guys! Ella, thanks for posting. I checked out your blog and saw your sweet Oliver. What a cutie!! Yes, this stage is fun but I also miss his baby days sometimes... it all goes by so fast...