Saturday, November 5, 2011


Today we did nothing. It was wonderful.

Colin and Chris got dressed because Chris took Colin to music class in the morning. But the babies and I, we stayed in our pajama's all day.

All of us spent the bulk of the day huddled together in the basement.

I snuggled babies while watching Chris and Colin play trains (his most FAVORITE toy of late).

I chewed on babies hands and toes and gave about a 1,000 raspberries on on fat little bellies. I couldn't get enough.

Movie time!

We rented Winnie the Pooh and watched it. Twice. Chris slept through the second time.

Chris and I pretended Colin was a ball and tossed him back and forth until our arms hurt. He kept saying, "one more time!"

I fed the babies carrots. They got EVERYWHERE.

When the kids napped, I did too. Chris packed up the cushions off our summer deck furniture.

Around 6:00, I thought maybe I should get dressed, so I did. I went upstairs and changed into new pajama's.

After the babies went to bed, Colin and I made homemade pizza.

Everett had trouble sleeping so I rocked him in the the rocking chair. He buried his head into my neck and breathed ever so softly as we rocked.

Today was filled with nothingness and yet, it was everything.

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