Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear babies,

I love watching each of you grow and lately I'm noticing some big changes. 

Carter, you were the first to get a tooth. Then you got a second tooth, before either Finn of Everett even got their first.

Finn, you seemed to pop two bottom teeth seemingly overnight. Out of nowhere, suddenly there they were!

Everett, you were the first to get up on all fours and rock. You LOVE to do this. In fact, as Colin snuck into bed late last night, you happened to be up, on all fours, rocking in your crib. Go you! Although you're not crawling forward yet, you'll make some headway moving backwards.... occasionally this gets you into some sticky situations.

Carter, you were the first to sit. Lately you love to sit and play with toys, especially anything that makes noise, like rattles. You shake them wildly and laugh.

Scootin' your way into trouble
Finn, you are the master at army crawling. I'm amazed at how you can get into almost anything by slowly, steadily pulling and sliding your big belly across the floor. 

Even though you're brothers, all the same age, with the same parents, same toys and day to day experiences, you are each your own special person developing in your own way and time. I hope that as you grow, you'll embrace these differences too.

Everett, scootin' his way back into the couch
I love watching each of you as you intently watch other. Everett, you'll be rocking in one corner of the blanket, backing into the couch. Carter, you'll be shaking your loud toys as you sit just perfectly. Meanwhile, Finn, you'll be army crawling your way across the blanket trying to get at some toy- one that you probably shouldn't have. As all this is going on, you watch each other. Sometimes you stare in wonder and sometimes you just to share a smile and laugh as you continue doing your own thing.

It's almost as if you're saying to each other, "What you're doing is different than me and at the same time, pretty cool. Go us!" 

6 a.m. and doing their thing!
I hope you can can hold onto this perspective as you grow side by side, each one of you developing in your own perfect way and time.

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