Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Angle Dear Lovies

** Periodically I update the 'From the Trenches' page with products that we like, love or could not live without! To be clear these are just our opinions and experiences of what has worked for us.

Colin, around 20 months
This item happens to be in the category of things we COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT! Back when Colin was born, my Aunt Judy sent him a 3 pack of these adorable giraffe blankies (or as we fondly call them, lovies). I also love that they came in a 3 pack because when we lost the first one, I didn't have to completely panic and have another shipped overnight :-) But, they come in all sorts of different animals and colors. See?

Colin's giraffe lovie, has gotten us through many car trips and nights of sleep. He just loves his giraffe. So, I knew when the triplets arrived, I needed to pick out 3 more animals.... if was a hard choice but we decided on the Monkey, the Lion, and the Puppy Dog. A dear friend of mine also bought us the cow blankie, without even knowing what a fan I was of the Angel Dear products. We love that one too!

With the triplets, it was even more important that they have comforting items to help them self-soothe and also put themselves to sleep, for the obvious reason that there are more babies than adults to help. For bedtime, the routine that worked for us early on was to swaddle them, give them their pacifier and their lovie, and place them in these. Now, their sleep routine is that we put them in their sleep sack, place them in their cribs where their pacifier and lovies are waiting.

(***before they boys had very well established rolling skills, we didn't leave the lovies unattended in their cribs... I feel like I should make that clear)

The last reason I love these is simply because they are SO soft, even when washed 1,000 times as Colin's has probably been by now.

Sneaking up on Carter. He's got the whole crib to himself, but he often prefers to curl up against one side.

Everett. What? You can't tell it's him? 
"Mom, why on earth are you taking my picture when you want me to go to sleep??"


Karen said...

Laina is wrapped up in the same animal print sleep sack and sunggling with her lamb lovie :) She puts it right up to her face and breathes in its yummy (??) smell every time I lay her down. It's magic!

Mom to one, three on the way! said...

hahaha... my kids all do the same thing. They like to rub the lovies right in their face and breath it all in! A few times I've smelled one to see if it was clean or dirty and been appalled! But I agree, they're magic :-)