Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Friday!

In case you were concerned about my sanity after reading this post, let me just tell you, today I feel like a new woman!! Last night I got, SEVEN straight hours of sleep! Whoo hoo!

I couldn't go cold turkey with the middle of the night bottle for the boys.... maybe I'm too much of a softy but the timing just doesn't feel right with that one. Still, clearly I need more sleep to function during the day! So, two nights ago we started giving the boys a bottle at 10:00 p.m. (they go to bed for the night at 6:30). For this feeding, we keep them in their cribs (propped though) and only wake them just enough to take the bottle. We don't change their diapers and lift them up just to gently and quickly burp them. For the most part, they've slept through these feedings.

The first night we tried this, they still all woke up at 4 and 5 a.m. wanting a bottle. They were mad when one didn't magically appear. Really mad. I didn't leave them to cry it out on their own (again, the big softy thing). Rather, I hung over cribs rubbing backs, re-inserting pacifiers, gently tossing lovies next to faces and saying almost aloud, "I think I can, I think I can, I think we can...." It was rough but eventually they fell back asleep and I crawled back in bed.

Last night, we went through the same routine at 10:00 p.m., went to bed and next thing I knew, I awoke TO CHRIS'S ALARM AT 6:45!!!!!!!! Just two days ago I was plotting how I could sneak away to a hotel to get some rest (seriously!) and today my wish came true in my own home :-)

Who knows if this sleeping all night thing will continue, but I'm hopeful.

Tonight Chris and I are having a dinner date at home. Our "reservation" won't be until 8:05 after the last kid goes to bed, and the three highchairs lined up at the end of the table will be a dead give away that we're not at a real restaurant but I'm excited. I may even put some make-up on if I can find it. Look out!

Colin and I went to store this morning to buy the ingredients for the menu I have planned tonight:

Olives for an Appetizer
Spinach Salad
Salmon with Mash Potatoes
Cheese Platter
Mochi for Dessert

As we were leaving for the store, Colin yelled, "Wait Mommy! My HAT!"

(Let me explain what he was referring too. Yesterday, the hat part of his Halloween costume arrived in the mail but he didn't see it as a costume, rather just his new every day fall/ winter hat.... which I guess, why not??)

Can you guess what his costume is going to be this year???

This picture could also be entitled, "How to make every elderly person's day at the grocery store" :-)
Off to set the table for my hot date tonight! (aka, clear the empty jars of baby food, used spoons and bibs,  and wipe the table free of smeared butternut squash puree)

Happy Friday everyone!

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