Thursday, October 20, 2011

More blessings....

Carter and Finn both had a cardiology check- up this morning.

In case you are new to this blog, here's a re-cap of why we were even at a cardiology appointment this morning. A few days after Finn was born, the doctor heard a concerning murmur and after a few tests we found out that he had many holes in his heart (VSD's). One hole was particularly concerning due to the size. As scary as the description of his heart condition sounded to Chris and I, we tried to trust what the doctors were saying which was that this could be very treatable. They said he may need surgery one day, but even then, the surgery is considered minor. Still, try telling any mom and dad that heart surgery on their precious baby is "minor". We were scared. (I also mention it in this post. )

Because Finn was found to have this issue, Carter and Everett were promptly given the same tests. Everett was fine but Carter had a very small VSD. So, Carter has also come along to the cardiology appointments to get checked too.

This morning, on our way to the appointment, I was nervous. We hadn't been in for a check in several months. Oh how badly I just wanted to hear that my boys hearts were healthy.

The boys on the other hand, were totally chill and seemed thrilled to be out and about! They were all smiles, even while having their blood pressure taken.

First, they both got an EKG which involves sticking tiny leads all over their chest and upper thigh, that wires attach to. Carter went first because I was pretty sure he'd just roll with the punches and be cool with it. Finn watched intently.

Carter did great! Although he did try and eat the wires.

My sweet Finn wants to be cooperative, he just wears his heart on his sleeve big time. If he's happy, you know it and it's so infectious. If he's scared or unhappy about something you also know it and it can be hard for him to recover if he's made to do something he's unsure about. But he totally rose to the occasion today. I held him for the EKG and then the Echo cardiogram. The Echo took 20 minutes and he was expected to stay as still as possible. He did it!! As long as I was holding him he was fine.

Look, Finn already knows how to work an Echo machine! So smart, this boy....
Then we waited for the doctor to review everything and come in to talk with us. I held my breath.

She came in, listened to their hearts and announced, "They're good." Not only did she not hear the murmurs anymore, but each of the boy's hearts showed no sign of any VSD's. None.

"Sometimes the holes just close up on their own. Even the larger one that Finn had. It seems to have closed up."

When do we have to come back for another check?


My boys hearts are both fine and mine, is overflowing with gratitude and relief.

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