Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sometimes all you need is a good laugh....


Everett and Carter had me up way too late last night.

Finn, per usual, announced that he was up for the day by singing at the top of his lungs. It was 4:45 a.m.

Colin was sick today. All stuffy and snotty and coughing and warm.

Then Everett suddenly transformed into a stuffy nosed, coughing, congested little man.

They were dropping like flies.

Nap time was a disaster. They all desperately needed naps but could not seem to sleep.

All Colin wanted was for me to hold him and rock him while he watched Elmo.

And all I wanted was to clone myself for the afternoon so that I could rock and hold Colin as he asked, and also rock and hold my other little sickie and play with Finn and Carter who's noses seemed to also get runnier as the afternoon wore on.

Bedtime turned into an almost 3 hour process. Nobody seemed to feel good and everybody was crabby from not having good naps.

I told Chris that I was ready to "cry it out". He thought I was talking about the boys.

I was talking about me.

I said that I needed to get off the carnival ride, even if just for a few minutes! So he stayed with the babies and I went to open a bottle of wine.

Just as I'd screwed in the wine opener and tucked in the corner to pull out the cork, the opener somehow broke in half.


I carried up the wine with the broken corkscrew sticking out of the top and proclaimed to Chris that this might just be the straw that breaks the camels back and sends me to the looney farm.

He could tell I wasn't joking.

So he said, "Stay with the babies while I go get something to fix it".

So I did.

Then he returned and stated, "What you need to fix it is downstairs in the kitchen"


I entered the kitchen to find an assortment of pliers lined up next to the bottle of wine.


Truthfully they scared me, so I waited for Chris.

When the boys were all finally asleep, I stepped back and watched Chris work his magic.

Let me tell you, watching Chris wrestle this wine bottle open as if the sanity of his wife depended on it, was just what I needed to feel like I'd stepped off the crazy carnival ride of mommyhood for a moment.

I laughed out loud until I couldn't breath and was thankful for a husband who will do whatever it takes to get his wife that glass of wine!

As the old adage goes, laughter really is the best medicine.

Thank you broken wine bottle opener.

***** As you might notice, this blog was recently accepted as part of the BlogHer publishing network which I'm really excited about! However, I'm not entirely pleased with the layout of their advertising (i.e. the one plastered across the top). Please excuse the mess, when the kids noses stop running, I hope to work out a few of these kinks!

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