Thursday, September 22, 2011

A wear your pj's all day sort of day....

Our helper Amelie was out sick today and so I had all four boys by myself.

Colin is getting over a cold, the babies are teething and I was exhausted from a very poor nights sleep.

That means:

It was a podee day.

And a "let's put sesame street on at 11:00 a.m." day (usually I can hold out until about 4:00 before needing a cartoon distraction for the boys)

It was a curl up and watch t.v. with your pacifier and giraffes sort of day (our general rule is that the paci and giraffes don't leave Colin's bed)

A nap anywhere and anytime you want kind of day.

A"let's stay in our pjs all day" sort of day. 

A "did I really just go through a whole pot of coffee?!" day.

But we made it. 

Chris is home, all is quiet. The babies are fed, changed, clothed and asleep.

Colin is curled up asleep in bed still wearing his santa clause p.js from morning. Yes, I realize it's september but he loves his santa pjs. from last year. Since he's obviously grown since last x-mas, they now fit such that the pants barely reach his ankles and the arms reach about mid forearm. But they're his fav.

Tomorrow our goal will be to get dressed.

 Shoot for the stars.

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