Monday, September 5, 2011


has arrived in Chicago (at least for today!).

It was cool, crisp and going outside required a sweatshirt. 

I thought I'd be all sad to see summer end but the coolness of today made me excited for fall.

I'm watching Chris and Colin climbing the tree in the front yard while cooking chicken, salad and potatoes for dinner (real chicken for Chris, fake chicken for me).

The triplets are sound asleep.

In the center of our dinner table sits two tall fancy candle holders with ivory candles all lit up. Like the ones you'd see at a fancy restaurant (not that we go to any anymore!). We rarely use them but tonight I thought, why not??

For some reason, this transition into fall also feels like a time to make new resolutions. Maybe it's because this past year has been so crazy, now that things are starting to settle (somewhat), I'm feeling driven to set some goals.

Like cooking dinner for my family again.

Eating together, the original three, after the babies settle in bed.


Today, exercise did not happen- unless running up and down the stairs about 30 times to put babies to bed, do laundry, fetch babies, and constantly run to grab items forgotten on other floors, counts. 

But tonight, we'll eat together as a family, with tall fancy candles to boot. 

I love how Colin is giving a thumbs up in this picture. He cracks me up.

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