Thursday, September 8, 2011

Afternoon Pedicure- Boy Mom Style

Last night I was feeding Finn in the rocking chair and Colin was playing with his cars nearby. He had one of those "little people" who happened to be carrying a paint brush and driving one of his big trucks. 

I was doing the whole, "Let's see if I can somehow be a part of Colin's play while across the room doing something else" routine. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When it works, it keeps Colin happy and engaged enough so as not to get into some sort of two year old mischief...

So I say to the little man with the paint brush, driving the truck, "Hey man, why don't you come over here and paint my toes? They need more paint."

So Colin drives the truck over to my feet. The little man hops out, climbs up on his ladder to reach my toes and apparently decides my feet need more than just a little paint. 

So Colin takes over.

He starts with the drill and drills each toe.

Then moves onto the wrench.

After using the drill, the hand saw, the hammer and the wrench, he seems to decide that my toes are going to require more than just these run of the mill tools.

So he leaves and returns with his entire tool box.

It's obvious he's looking for something specific.

Found it.

Of course.

No pedicure is complete without use of the SABER SAW.

You may remember the saber saw from this post where I referred to it as a chain saw. Incorrect. It's called a saber saw.... I'm slowly learning these important things. (and yes, I now realize it's even labeled on the actual saw!)

I'm sure there are moms out there getting pretend pedicures right now, with glittery stickers, little brushes, and perhaps sweet smelling lotion slathered on their feet.

Not me. Here I sit enjoying my full blown boy mom pedicure courtesy of every tool in his toolbox. Lest anyone think I'm sexist... I fully realize I could have a daughter giving me a pedicure with these same tools or have a son using glittery stickers and sweet smelling lotion- that would be fine!

But today it was all about a tool box pedicure.

Right now I couldn't wish for anything else. 

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