Saturday, September 10, 2011

When you ask yourself the question....

When is the last time the triplets had a bath???

It probably means it's time for a bath!

So that's what we did this afternoon.

Carter, Finn, Everett
The boys are finally old enough to use these little bath chairs. I'm still on the fence about how I feel about them. I think the boys just still need to grow into them a little more. In the meantime I fold up some blankets behind them to support their posture.

I remember how Colin used to get a bath pretty much every other day at least. First time mom + only one kid= frequent baths. I won't even dare admit how many days go by between baths with the triplets. They seem fine though!

In truth, the boys get more showers than baths. I just find it easier to have Chris hand the boys to me one at a time while I'm in the shower. A quick soap and rinse and we're done. And yes, I am VERY careful about the fact that the baby can get slippery in the shower. I hold them with a death grip.

When they do take baths, it's assembly line style. I line 'em up in their bath chairs, fill the tub up just past their toes, soap 'em all, then rinse with cups of water. I also run the sink water on a super hot temp so that the room starts to steam up and get all warm for them.

Finn to Carter: "I thought she'd NEVER remember to bathe us!"

Carter to Finn: "Oh I know! How silly is THAT?"
Everett: "I hope she trims our nails next...."

There's just something about a baby all bathed and clean. LOVE IT! Today I took time to hold each of them close and deeply inhale their clean baby smell.

Oh how I wish I could bottle that smell and keep it forever.

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