Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Days!

Saturday night Chris and I went to bed both saying, "Wasn't this the best day EVER?"
It didn't entail anything extraordinary, just filled with a lot of great moments that make you remember how blessed you are. The weather was perfect and the city seemed to be filled with endless activities. 

We loaded up the stroller, grabbed burgers and salads from our local favorite pub, walked to Colin's favorite park and had a picnic. We ate, we watched Colin play, enjoyed our babies and met some of our neighbors. 

Afterwards, my parents offered to watch the babies and Chris and I made a last minute call to take Colin to see the movie Shrek, playing in the park just next to our house. 

Don't you love when a day just organically unfolds into something wonderful?

After our picnic, we heard the music that only means one thing: the ice cream truck was approaching! 
To Colin this was the "music truck" and nothing more. He'd yet to experience getting ice cream from the truck. We've sort of been holding off on that little milestone. 

On this night, Chris really wanted to show him what the truck was really all about, so we did.
Of course, Colin was thrilled to discover that the "music truck" also gave out ice cream!

I remember making this same discovery as a kid. Life is never the same!

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