Saturday, July 30, 2011

Night out

Thanks to our wonderful regular helper Amelie and my sister in law Katie, Chris and I got to attend a dear friend's wedding in the city on Saturday night. 

I wore my new dress.

However, before the wedding, per usual I mismanaged my time and before I new it, I was running late. Chris went to the wedding ahead of me.

I couldn't find my make-up bag anywhere and found myself scouring the linen closet for old make-up laying around and then applying it with my fingers. 

No joke.

Also, my phone died in the cab, just after I took this picture:

I was taking it to show my friend that I was wearing the lovely ring she got me (from banana republic).

The wedding was beautiful, but after two glasses of wine I was sleepy and missing my babies (and by babies I mean all four of them.

So we went home.

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