Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Vacation is.....

officially over.

It was wonderful to have a whole week to spend with my brothers and their families.

It was wonderful to see Chris who works so hard for us, have some time to golf and play in the sand with Colin.

And it was wonderful to have a better view while parenting our boys.

 We've vacationed at this same beach house in Long Beach, IN, with my whole side of the family, for three years now.

There's something about returning to a place that you only visit once a year, the same time of year, for only a week. Being in that same place which you haven't been to in one whole year, causes you to reflect on how life has changed in a way that we don't often notice within the hustle and bustle of day to day living.

Last year, for example, cousin Macy, who is now walking, waving and enthusiastically saying, "Hi!" was still growing in my sister in law's belly. 

We had one beautiful child and I was longing for more.

Life was slower.

Last year on this vacation, I played with Colin each day at the beach, able to devote all my attention to him. I read books, I took classes working towards my PhD (yes, even on vacation), and Chris and I stayed up late laughing and telling stories with my brothers and their significant others.

Dare I admit that I wanted to be that vacation again.... just for a moment. Just to remember.

I wouldn't trade our current life with our boys for anything in the world but it is an all consuming freight train of an experience that never seems to slow down for a minute, even on "vacation".

If it wasn't clear before, this vacation exposed just how changed our lives are. In one years time we've gone from a family of three, hoping for another, to a family of six pulling up to the beach house in a mini-van with a roof rack.

 You never know where your life will take you.

But it is our wonderful, crazy, beautiful life.

And for now that means vacation is re-defined. It involves the same intense level of work to keep these boys fed, changed and happy, but with a better view, more help and our amazing family to laugh with along the way.

I wouldn't change it for anything.

Pictures in the next post :)

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