Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Long beach Pics- Part 2

Here are just a few more pictures I want to include from our vacation.

One of my very favorite memories was our adventure to the local art fair. 

At first, just my parents were going to go, and take one baby.

Then Chris suggested that we all go.

So we did.

We rolled up to the art fair in our mini van, unloaded our valco stroller which holds two of the babies and has a seat off the front where Colin sits. Chris carried the third baby in a Bjorn.

Boy were we a sight.

People stared. 

For fun, Chris and I decided to count how many people said, "You've got your hands full!"

36 by his count (in less than two hours). I stopped counting after 4. 

Here's what I love about Chris:

When I lagged behind, wanting to browse anonymously through the exhibits without being stopped or hearing a comment every few seconds, my husband walked ahead.

By himself he unabashedly walked proud wearing one baby and pushing our crazy stroller with three more, smiling and impervious to the stares. 

I love him.

Painting a masterpiece at the art fair while Chris and Carter look on

 Chris on Daddy duty. 

After bickering on day one over who'd done more baby duty, we ended up literally writing out a schedule. I took nights and Chris got up early while I slept in. He was the "lead person" on baby duty in the mornings, I was the "lead person" in the afternoons. We both took charge evenly for bedtime and made sure we each had a half hour a day of alone time (although that was a little ambitious). I wonder if any other families with multiples end up doing something like this on vacations. It sure helped us get into a groove quickly and relax as much as possible.

Carter, stylin' with his winter wonderland pj's and sunglasses.
Which way to the beach?! (Everett)

Ice cream with my bros!

One last family picture while watching this:

Btw, when I look at any of our family pictures, I have to wonder if we'll ever have one taken where everyone is looking at the camera and smiling, ever again.

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