Thursday, August 18, 2011

From the Trenches....

****This section is totally a work in progress.... I'll update it in between feedings, diaper changings, fussy periods, pumping sessions, two year old tantrums, short nights of sleep and occasional meals for myself. 

There are two reasons for this section of Life and Motherhood. The first is so that five, ten, twenty years from now when my boys ask, "How did you do it?" I'll have an answer. I fear that due to lack of sleep and the non stop nature of parenting triplets plus one, I may not retain anything from these years unless I write it down! Or I'll just give the simplest answer which is, "I kept wine in my purse". I'm kidding of course, although Chris and I do now refer to wine as the "Bottle of Sanity".

"Would you like a glass of sanity?" he'll ask at the end of the day

"Why yes I would", I'll respond, with babies hanging off every limb and a two year old crawling on my back.

"Yes I would"

My second reason has to do with the moment we found out that we were expecting triplets. When the shock started to subside a bit, I began to seriously wonder, "How do people do this??" "How WILL we manage?" "Will I ever sleep again?" I scoured the internet for information and grilled friends with multiples to see how others had made it work.

So here I'll list any posts that have to do with how we're managing this adventure. What's working, what's not, and products that we've found especially helpful.

Of course, this is just our families experience and know that every family, every child, and every situation is different. Strategies that worked for us may not work for others. Products that we've fallen in love with, other's may not care for. In no way am I suggesting that how we've managed is in any way the best way or only way to go about parenting a gaggle of kids. It's just our experience and if it's helpful to anyone else, particularly those expecting multiples, than that makes us happy!


So here's how we're managing....

Along the way:

First few weeks, what's working?

How you can and can't prepare for life with triplets

4 months- part 1

Breastfeeding Triplets... or something like that:

Breastfeeding woes


** Too exhausted to add anything here yet ;)

Supporting Developmental Milestones:

** Too busy doing tummy time to add to this yet

Who Gives Freebies!

**There are certain companies that are great about giving away diapers, formula, creams, lotions, soaps and other items.... My thrifty husband has hunted down each and every one of them. Ha! Seriously, he's found some great deals and freebies and I'm going to nag him about listing them here (he loves when I nag him about stuff)

Products We Love:

**By the way, no one is paying me to recommend any of these products... thought I'd make that clear!
*** Also, I'll elaborate on each of these listed (and add more) when I get some down time :)
  • Fischer Price Rock and Play Bassinets
  • Dr Browns bottles
  • Valco Stroller with attachments
  • Slings
  • Jumper
  • Bouncy seats- I prefer the ones without all the bells and whistles
  • Swaddling blankets

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