Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First few weeks- what's working?

People ask us all the time how things are going and how we're managing and the truth is, it's going pretty well. That's not to say it isn't A LOT of work because it is. For anyone expecting triplets, these are a few of the things that have helped us the most during the first few weeks.

  • Meals. Our church and a few friends have been bringing meals three times a week. It goes without saying that when you're stuck on bed rest or focusing your energy on caring for three newborns and a toddler, cooking a meal is the last thing you have time for at the end of the day. I can barely find time to shower!

  • People who volunteer to help with all the stuff that needs to get done but isn't as fun as holding babies. Lot's of people will offer to come hold and feed babies but especially treasured is the person who asks, "Can I come help with the laundry or do your dishes?" 

  • Creating a baby zone and keeping the babies there 24/7. Our basement has turned into baby central. They really haven't left the basement yet. One of us is always down there with them. It's where they sleep, eat, and hang out. Occasionally, I've carried a baby upstairs with me if I'm going to get something but it's rare and we call it a "field trip". By surrendering to the fact that we're stuck in the basement has eliminated the stress of having to keep supplies all over the house. Everything the babies need is in one spot. This has also allowed for Colin and the person not on duty to be able to get some quiet, uninterrupted sleep upstairs. It's worked well for us. 

  • These bassinets. They rock and are slightly inclined, which helps prevent spitting up- if for some reason you can't burp someone as long as you'd like because someone else is screaming to be fed- not that that ever happens here! Often I'm feeding one baby while rocking another one in the bassinet with my foot. Lastly, they fold up like lawn chairs so you can easily move/ take them anywhere!

  • Taking shifts. My AWESOME husband offered to take the 2-9 a.m shift. So, from around 9-4 we're in the trenches together but then at 4 p.m. Chris goes to bed and I stay up until around 1-2 a.m. before waking him up. He gives me a kiss and says good morning and I say good night. Sure we don't see each other quite as much but at this point I'd rather have 6 hours of uninterrupted, solid sleep than quality time with my spouse :) and I know he feels the same! 

  • Giving each other a break. Some mornings I come downstairs, look at Chris, surrounded by babies, empty bottles, Colin, toys, diapers, blankets..... and I know by the look in his eye, exactly what he's going to say. "I NEED TO GO TO HOME DEPOT. WE NEED _______". Fill in the blank with whatever you want because the point isn't actually that we're in dire need of anything from home depot. The point is he needs a break- and NOW. There's nothing more calming than strolling around home depot right?? I do the same thing, only my escape is Target. One afternoon, I escaped there and didn't even buy anything! I just circled the store, glad for a break. Driving there and back, I blare music in the car, sing a long, and come back refreshed.

  • Keeping the goal of sanity in the forefront. Last week I found myself starting to spiral into guilt land over not being able to provide enough breast milk for the boys. I "should" be pumping every 2-3 hours but the reality has been that I can't get up during the night- I'm just too exhausted. During the day, if Colin's having a meltdown, or the babies need calming, pumping gets delayed. Although I've tried to spend time nursing each one of them, logistically it's hard. Very hard. Originally I intended to tandem nurse two and then either nurse the third, or give the third a bottle. Well, so far that hasn't happened. Just when I found myself going down that road of what more I could/ should and possibly would being doing in different circumstances, I stopped myself.  In my heart I know that I'm giving my all to these boys. As much as I can without loosing my sanity- which wouldn't be good for anyone! I have to believe that somehow it will be enough. 

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