Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Celebrating Macy!

Hmmmm.... deja vu....

Keep your eyes on the road Mr.
This time, four adults, three babies, one two year old, two dogs and a 3 hour trip south to Effingham, IL.

Why you ask??

To help this cutie patootie celebrate her first birthday!

The party was so lovely, filled with beautiful, creative decorations and delicious, creative food.

Homemade strawberry lemonade... I'm thirsty just remembering this yummy drink

and one awesome slip and slide!

Every party needs a slip and slide, right?!

Is there anything cuter than watching a one year old eat cake on their birthday??

We couldn't get enough!

The Paparazzi!

Even Colin got into it!

On this very day, one year ago, Colin and I jumped in the car and raced down to southern IL. to meet cousin Macy. My brother's daughter.

Colin calls her Mimi.

What a beautiful delight she is!

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