Monday, August 15, 2011

The babies first time to Gramma and Pop-Pop's!

Last week we loaded up the mini van and went to visit my parents in Michigan for the week.

My dad drove with me and Chris stayed home to, you guessed it, do some work on the house!

Two adults, three babies, one two year old, one dog, bags and bags of baby supplies!

As we pulled out of the driveway, all the babies were screaming and I, crammed into the very last seat in the very back, had my face pressed against the window mouthing to Chris, "Let me out......!"

I was joking.
Sort of. 

Colin, as you can see from the above picture was READY and EXCITED! He'd been looking so forward to this trip and wasn't going to let anything diminish his excitement, even a car full of screaming babies and a mom trying to sneak out the back. 

So as I was pressed up against the window yelling, "Let me out... Don't leave me alone in here!", he was excitedly waving goodbye and saying, "Going to Pop-Pop's house!! Yay!"

In truth, if it weren't for Colin's excitement, I may have chickened out, pulled the car back in the garage and called it a day. 

But we pressed on!

Once we got going, the babies fell asleep and slept the whole way. Phew!

We had a wonderful week!

Three babies dressed for bed....

But maybe not so sleepy....

Finn and Everett


The guys! 

Getting ice cream with Gramma!

In the city, we don't have much of a yard so it's always quite a treat for Colin to get to run around my parents yard.

He also got introduced to baseball. He LOVED it and the rest of the week kept asking, "Wanna play baseball?!" to whomever was around.

My parents neighbors, most of whom I've known since I was a teenager, were amazingly helpful. 

The phone would ring with a neighbor on the other end saying, "I've got a free hour, can I come hold babies?"

My response was always a casual, "Sure."

What I really wanted to say was:

"YES, YES! Don't walk, RUN over here!" :)

Seriously, as a mom, there is almost never a break. It's hard to find time for a break and even harder if you have so many kids that it really takes more than one person to care for them. At my parents house, I got to go for a pedicure/ manicure and really enjoy myself knowing that my boys were each getting one on one (sometimes two on one) attention by awesome people!

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