Thursday, August 18, 2011

Procrastinating with random thoughts

  • Where do pacifiers disappear to?? And why do they always seem to disappear at the most crucial of times? Is someone messing with me?

  • I threw in a load of laundry from our weekend away and it had a wet diaper in it, so I washed that too. Not on purpose of course. I didn't realize it was in there until I went to transfer the clothes into the dryer and wondered why they all looked ruined. It was a great start to the day. Do you sense the sarcasm??

  • Colin is in full blown, "I'm an independent person and look what I can do!" mode. Sometimes he'll surprise me by putting on his shoes, on the right feet with perfectly velcroed tops. Then there are other times where things don't quite go as he planned. Yesterday he came over after he'd put his shirt on as pants. "Uh oh..." he stated, confident that something was not right. He'd put his legs through the arm holds and then pulled the rest of the shirt up past his waist. He knew..... something did not feel right about this one. I tried not to laugh, but it was so darn cute.

  • He's also been asking to use his potty more often (yay!). One child out of diapers would sure be nice. So the other day he was sitting on his potty, in the bathroom, and asked me for some water. I left for A SECOND, came back and saw a trail of wetness down the hallway. The potty and Colin nowhere to be found. So I followed the trail of wetness and low and behold, there he was sitting on his potty, in front of the t.v. in our bedroom. "Move Mama! Watch t.v!"  So I see. 

  • I moved the crib today to swiffer under it and found five pacifiers under there. "Ah HA! I've found you!"

  • Our basement flooded a few weeks ago and since then we've been back in renovation heaven (again, sense the sarcasm??). Since we had to rectofy some flood issues anyway, we thought "Why not just move this wall too?  And oh, wouldn't it be great to move the fridge? And ohhh I know, let's add all new slate tile flooring! And let's do it all ourselves!"  We can't seem help ourselves.....and yet I'm so over renovating.... and so is Chris. I mean seriously, triplet babies, a two year old AND home renovations? TOO MUCH.

  • We leave for vacation tomorrow! Yay! So fun! However, trying to pack for vacation, not so fun. Prior to having the triplets, I'd always just throw stuff in and hope that we'd remembered everything. No biggie. Now, I'm trying to be more strategic about packing. So for the first time ever, I made a list:

And yes, I did casually write down items like a swing, boucy chairs (2-3) and a jumparoo without thinking that's crazy. In fact, I'm picturing how perfect the jumparoo and bouncy chairs will be at the beach, under a gynormous umbrella (which is also on my list to pack). Seriously, we may need a moving truck to haul all our stuff to the beach on friday.

  • Tonight I ate my pasta dinner over Everett as he was in my Ergo carrier. He couldn't fall asleep and I was so hungry that I couldn't wait for him to completely fall asleep to eat. At one point I looked down and their were noodles covering his head. Sorry about that buddy.

  • I feel like I'm in finals week, just like in college only instead of tests and papers due, we need to get the home renovations that we started three weeks ago DONE before we leave for vacation tomorrow. That's our goal. You know that feeling when you've finished your final test or turned in that final paper? Well, I want that feeling as we pull away from our house for vacation, carrying with us the knowledge that our home is renovated and finished and waiting for us upon return.

And just like in college, I'm completely procrastinating by doing something other than what I should be doing (packing or painting).

Instead, it's past midnight and I'm writing this post :)

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