Monday, July 11, 2011

I went on a run today
Okay, so it was more of a very slow jog, or some might even call it a fast walk.

The point is that I did it and it felt great! 

Actually, it felt like I hadn't run in almost a year. It felt like I'd just gotten done housing three humans in my belly and had no core muscles left..... hence the extremely slow turtles pace.

I used to love to run and even ran a marathon many moons ago. I love that feeling when you finish a long run and you've pushed yourself and your muscles are burning and your lungs are invigorated with air. I crave to feel that again. 

When I was super pregnant with the boys and my body felt like it was breaking was breaking I wasn't sure I'd ever do any sort of physical activity again. Sounds dramatic, but when you are so huge that you need help to get out of bed and you can't do any stairs, it's hard to envision running again or even chasing your two year old around the playground.

But here I am doing it. And I actually feel pretty great.

The human body is freaking amazing to me. I was amazed the first time I was pregnant. That this body could build a human, birth it and then go back to pretty much normal. Amazing! Now I have even more gratitude for this body. I really couldn't care less about the extra little belly left over from stretching to accommodate three lives. As women we are so often too hard on ourselves. I for one, hope I never again criticize my body for anything. Look what it did for me. It carried my beautiful boys and delivered them healthy to me.

So with Colin in the jogging stroller, pinwheel in his hand and a whole lot of gratitude in my heart we took off for our first post babies run... or trot... or jog... or fast walk... whatever it was it felt good.

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