Wednesday, July 13, 2011


With a 2 year old and three babies it can feel easier to just stay inside than venture out as a family. But sometimes we try. 

Tonight we packed everybody up and walked one short block to sit under a tree at the park. 

It was delightful.

Chris and I always laugh about just what it takes to get out of the house and everything we have to bring.

Sometimes we pack so much that just before I attempt to push the stroller I'm holding my breath that it won't be too weighted down and that the bottom doesn't drag along the road. Pushing the stroller, four kids and all our crap.... I should be in way better shape than I am!

 Even though we seem to pack everything known to man, I'm ALWAYS forgetting something. Last week, after hauling everybody to the playground I realized that I'd packed up almost everything in the house EXCEPT a single diaper (and realized this after someone was already screaming for a diaper change). That was awesome.

Chris keeps saying we should just get a shopping cart for when we go out. That way we could pack EVERYTHING we may need including a swing, bouncy chairs, diaper pail perhaps....

Just throw it all in.

I fear this will be us when we need to go somewhere further than the park:

We're not that bad yet, but we may be heading in that direction

Here we are tonight on our way to the park
Chris, Colin, Finley, Everett, Carter, Olive (because she needs to get out too!) and Me.

It looks like even Colin has to help push but I assure you he wants to be pushing :)

Three babies!

  Again, linking arms 


The babies laid on a blanket under a big Oak tree and I goggled at them for a long while. They were being so chatty, cute and full of smiles that I kept trying to get a video of them. Every time I'd start filming though, they'd suddenly become dead serious.

Oh well.

So I chatted with my babies and watched Colin and Chris run around and laugh.

Then, we went home.

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