Monday, June 27, 2011


Dear Boys,

You are keeping me VERY busy! So busy that lately a week will go by and I realize that I haven't written anything here. I can accept other things falling by the wayside.... cooking any meal that takes longer than 15 minutes, doing dishes, returning calls and e-mails in a timely manner, exercising...

But writing about this journey with you?

I can't not do that. I must make time.

These days there are SO many things I'd love to write about. Lately it seems there are a thousand experiences jam packed in a day that at different points are insanely frustrating, amazing, puzzling, and all causing me to grow, change and learn. Some days my head feels like it's swimming with thoughts that I'm dying to somehow get down on paper. But instead I collapse in bed at the end of the day, desperate for some sleep.

I must make time.

Because motherhood should be written about, pondered and celebrated... 

and because writing is therapy for me.

Sometimes I don't write because I feel like I don't have proper time to edit my thoughts, check my spelling and grammar and edit the pictures that I most want to post.

 Then I check myself. 

It shouldn't doesn't matter if what I write isn't perfect, if every other word is misspelled, or if my grammar is terrible. 

Writing down your thoughts and ideas is often perfectly imperfect, just like motherhood feels sometimes.  

And I love those rare moments when you're writing without thinking and somehow, someway, what comes out on paper (or computer!) captures exactly what you meant to say. And it's beautiful.

So I'll continue to write my experience and take pictures as often as I can....

 if for no other reason than to stay sane around here, to document (aka remember!) these years, and because I've learned that having a creative outlet is a very good thing. 

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