Monday, April 11, 2011

Preparing for the invasion!

Yesterday we got word that all three of these sweet boys are scheduled to come home on Tuesday- as in TOMORROW!
I can't even tell you how thrilled I am. I need my babies home!

We're also a bit anxious, nervous.... scared! When at the hospital these days, Chris and I do most of the care for the babies. The nurses have slowly left it up to us. Which is what we want.... but at the end of the day, Chris and I come home just exhausted.

The routine while at the hospital is to check the babies vitals (which we won't have to do at home) and change their diaper (and sometimes also their undershirt and bedding!). Then I nurse the first baby for about 10-15 minutes. They can't sustain a full feeding yet, given that they're still so little, so after the baby seems tuckered out, I pass the him off to Chris to bottle feed. Then on to the next baby and the next, same routine. When all babies are fed, I get to pump! Like I've said, I LOVE nursing.... but I HATE HATE HATE pumping. I think it's so boring and feel like a cow being milked. Sometimes when I'm up in the middle of the night pumping I think "This is ridiculous, maybe we should just formula feed these guys". But then when I'm nursing each of them, I remember why I'm trying to do this. I realize it will be a balance and their may come a time that I have to supplement/ stop nursing for the sake of my mommy sanity but for now I'm giving it a go.

In any case, the whole process, from when we start until the babies are all swaddled back in their beds and pumping is done, takes us at least an hour and a half, almost two hours sometimes. They eat every three hours which means, we get about a one hour break. Granted we are novices and still learning the ropes! I'm hopeful we can get that time down as we get even more comfortable and efficient. At some point when the boys get to be stronger nursers, maybe I can tandem nurse. In the meantime, I'm very curious to see how this will all fall into place once we have them 24/ 7.

Will we ever sleep again?! That's the part that scares me so. 

So yesterday, after learning the boys will be shortly coming home, we ran around the house in a excited/ anxious frenzy setting up swings, washing covers to bouncy seats, moving furniture to accommodate all this stuff, getting the bottles out of their packages to be washed, making sure each changing table on each floor is stocked and ready, making a list for a last minute run to babies r us.... and on and on.

We keep joking that we feel like we're preparing for an invasion!

(Colin, making sure that all the swings are fixed and ready to go!)

Ahhhh! So exciting and daunting..... I can hardly wait until all my boys, Carter, Everett, Finn and Colin are under one roof!

Also, some pictures with my parents. Looking pretty content I'd say....

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