Saturday, April 9, 2011

Meeting the bros

This morning we took Colin up to the hospital to meet his brothers for the first time. I was so excited about this introduction that I could hardly sleep last night. I wanted everything to be just perfect. I laid in bed wondering, "Do we have the camera charged? Is the Flip video camera in my purse? Are his super cute jeans washed and ready? Is his Big Brother t-shirt clean?" I even called the NICU charge nurse at 11 pm last night to request our favorite nurse. 

I think that siblings are the best thing ever and so their meeting seemed so poignant. I'm so happy for them that they will have each other to grow up with.  In my own life, my brothers have meant the world to me. Sure my brother kyle once wore my coveted Notre Dame sweatshirt to high school without my knowing, just to infuriate me, which it did. When I saw him with it on I remember just seething with anger and hating him with all my might. He's also the only person who traveled half way across the world to a small village in Madagascar, to see my life in Peace Corps. He also showed up without notice to the hospital when I went on bed rest, just to make me laugh and hang out. Gavin and I can push each other's buttons like nobody's business, but we also spend an incredible amount of time together. We've backpacked together through Thailand, live less than a mile apart, and have the exact same sense of humor. When I think back on the highest and lowest points of my life thus far, by brothers have been right there to either celebrate with me, tease me, stand with me or make me laugh. And I hope I've been that for them too.

So this morning Chris went into the room first, camera ready, prepped to capture the glorious moment of our oldest meeting his siblings. However, before Colin could go in, the nurse had to take his temperature to confirm that he was healthy. He was not cool with that. Not at all. That got things off on the wrong foot and revealed that this was some sort of place where doctors hang out. He's not so interested in being anywhere near where doctors hang out. 

Eventually he settled from that and we walked in and took him baby to baby. He was VERY curious. We've been talking a lot about the babies at home, and he's been asking a lot about the babies so he had some sort of context but still wasn't quite sure what to make of the whole thing. Whatever he'd imagined when we'd talk about the babies, was different than what he saw. After only a few minutes he started saying, "Go home". 

This was not going how I'd planned.

Then I made the mistake of excitedly asking, "Should the babies come home with us?" In his sweetest voice, he looked right at me and said, "No."

Eventually he settled in a bit and even helped to change a diaper and give them their pacifiers. I think when the babies are home, away from the hospital setting and free of any monitors, it will be better. I hope!

Sweet Colin..... these babies are coming home with us..... I know it will be an adjustment but I also know you will be an incredible big brother and they will look up to you so very much. Even though you may not believe me now, I PROMISE you, someday you will look back on your life and think, "Where would I be?... Who would I be?.... without my brothers." And you will be thankful.

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